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Beautiful Living

An aesthetic paradise, that’s what we boast about, here at Vishvesh. We can promise you an array of infinite possibilities, a perfection borne out of experience and a shared understanding of your passion for a beautiful home, a beautiful living. 

With a drive to create a luxurious living space for your home, Vishvesh can be considered nothing less than an artist of sorts. 25 years of successful growth has led us to becoming a landmark home-furnishing specialist in Chennai, with an undeniable sense of the latest styles and a commitment to growth, both nationally and internationally. Since our inception in 1985, we’ve hosted major Indian brands as well as top international brands, and have come to be recognized as a brand ourselves, bringing you exclusive hand-picked pieces to cater to your furnishing needs.

Our Galleries

Our landmark gallery on Cathedral road has hosted a variety of our pieces, and showcased our growth over the years. We developed, slowly but determinedly, vowing to bring you the best. 

This promise is also reflected in our gallery in Annanagar, voicing the aura and atmosphere that we hope to create for your home. We have both stand-alone pieces as well as niches of poetic abundance, that speak to adults as well as children. Variety comes in all shapes and sizes, they say, and we have it. Our textiles alone, ranges from soft, subtle tones and monochromatic patterning to bolder and geometric prints, with textures of sheer fabrics, silks, velvet and almost everything else that your heart desires! 

A Class Apart

In this fragile world, we believe in backing our products with assurance of the highest quality, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. 

We believe that your home needs to be complete, that your thoughtfully designed home should be justified equally with utmost care and love. It is this belief that drives us to create concepts to assist you in this beautifully joyous task. We believe in making personal visits to your home, guaranteeing you’re in safe hands, as we work together to create your home, your masterpiece. A process of selecting or creating the finest pieces for you, testing, and finishing, finally leads to our development and delivery of the visual language you’ve always longed for your home to have. Being perfectionists, we take sufficient time in putting together a perfectly suited product for your home- be it an upholstery job or state-of-the-art roman blinds- with the help of our in-house karigars (craftsmen) running over the product till its gleams of glamorous finish. This commitment, efficiency and authenticity all reflect a love, that is echoed in our pink tulip, that we want to share with you. 

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