Automation Products

Home Center 2

The Home Center 2 is a building management system accessed through a browser-based graphic interface or via the native mobile app. It manages FIBARO’s Z-Wave devices and other Z-Wave certified products. An extensive library of plugins for 3rd party smart TVs, cameras, thermostats, alarm panels, media players and control systems comes preinstalled. The easy-to-use visual scene builder saves time, while advanced users can use LUA scripting for complete automation. FIBARO software ensures privacy and continued functionality even if the internet connection fails. The Geo-location feature can be used to create GPS triggers for all users within the home or anywhere in the world.

Home Center Lite

Home Center Lite is the brain of the FIBARO system. When designing HCL, we used proven solutions that are also applied to Home Center 2. Designed with your needs in mind, HCL integrates with a vast number of multimedia systems in your home. Conveniently compact, HCL allows managing your intelligent home via a user-friendly interface and wireless communication.

Dimmer 2


The FIBARO Dimmer 2 is a universal dimming module with built in power metering. The device allows remote control over many different light sources, which will also extend the lifespan of the lightbulbs and reduce electricity use. The Dimmer 2 works as both a standard dimmer or as a switch within a two-wire or three-wire electrical system. A built-in RGB LED light helps identify if it is within the network range, making installation a breeze.


Roller Shutter 2


The radio-controlled Roller Shutter 2 works with motorized roller blinds, venetian blinds, awnings and gates. The Roller Shutter 2 is powered by a single-phase AC and provides precise positioning of blinds, awnings or gates so they can be set to the position you choose. The module is also equipped with a power metering feature when used with a FIBARO Home Center.


RGBW Controller


The FIBARO RGBW Controller is a universal, Z-Wave compatible module that controls LED, RGB, RGBW strips, halogen lights and fans via 12 or 24 VDC. The device allows you to change the color of the lights from your mobile device whenever you want. Additionally, the controller supports up to four 0-10V passive analog sensors such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, wind sensors, air quality sensors and light sensors. All IN and OUT terminals may be user-configured for LED control or 0V-10V signal readouts.


Relay Switch


The radio-controlled FIBARO On/Off Relay Switch was designed to be installed in standard wall-switch boxes or wherever necessary to operate an electronic device with 2,500W power output. The FIBARO On/Off Relay Switch can turn a connected device on or off via wireless Z-Wave communication or through the directly connected wall switch.

Double Relay Switch


The radio-controlled FIBARO On/Off Double Relay Switch was designed to be installed in standard wall switch boxes or anywhere else where necessary to operate two independent relays of 1,500W power output a piece. The FIBARO On/Off Double Relay Switch can turn a connected device on or off through the Z-Wave radio waves or through a directly connected wall switch.

Door/Window Sensor


The FIBARO Door / Window Sensor is a Z-Wave battery powered reed sensor. It expands the capabilities of the FIBARO system by monitoring the opening of doors, windows and garage doors. It is used for automatic light control, access control and property protection. The Door/Window Sensor is available in 7 colors to match your home perfectly. The additional input terminal allows for temperature sensor or as a binary input.

Flood Sensor


The FIBARO Flood Sensor is a perfect dance between art and design – beautiful and harmonious in every little detail. Just like in other FIBARO devices, the perfect form is equipped with the most advanced technology.

Smoke Sensor

The FIBARO Smoke Sensor is an ultra- light, perfectly designed device, that uses a photoelectric sensor and temperature sensors for maximum detection of flaming and smoldering fires. The device is battery powered and equipped with two types of alarms: siren and an RGB visual indicator. The sensor can be installed in wireless Z-Wave networks. A unique feature of the device is the built-in electronic recording device that may be used to analyze detected incidents.

Motion Sensor

The FIBARO Motion Sensor is a highly advanced, ultra-small multi-sensor. The small device is a motion sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor and accelerometer all in one. The LED changes its colors to visually inform occupants about the temperature. The Motion Sensor is completely wireless and has a built-in Z- Wave network range tester. The sensitivity level of the motion detection can be set to your preference to avoid false notifications. All firmware updates are performed remotely over the air.

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